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Social Sciences

Broaden your knowledge and understanding of social issues by studying abroad with CEA CAPA. Taking social sciences courses abroad will enhance your perspective on the factors that impact our daily lives and the global environment. By choosing to study social science with CEA CAPA, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to take your learning outside of the classroom and experience it within your host culture. You’ll also benefit from the support of our local staff and faculty, who are just as invested in your study abroad experience as you are.

Become part of the change movement by enrolling into CEA CAPA’s International Service Learning course, which provides the opportunity to research issues that impact the host country while applying your knowledge in a community-based organization. What are you waiting for! Expand your global competency and cross-cultural skills by studying abroad with CEA CAPA.

Want to take your studies a step further? Enroll in an internship and complete a social sciences-focused placement over a semester or summer. Internships are available in select locations in small- to medium-size local companies, allowing you to immerse into the host culture and local business environment and develop te necessary skillsets in your field of interest. Learn more about internship options with CEA CAPA..

Sample Courses

To give you an idea of what we offer, here's a small sampling of the many courses you can choose:

  • Critical Perspectives on Italy: Contemporary Society & Culture
  • The Policies of Organized Crime: Mafia and anti-Mafia in Italy
  • Social Media: Digital Identity & the Virtual Community
  • The Politics of European Integration: A Spanish Perspective
  • Democracy in the Czech Republic
  • Culture & Sustainability
  • Gender as a Social Construct: (Re)defining Roles in Italian Culture
  • Gender & Body Politics in Buenos Aires
  • Teaching English Abroad: From Theory to Classroom Practice
  • Human Rights: Universal Principles in World Politics
  • Environmental Ethics: Humans

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